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Make no mistake. AnthonyGarvinArt Photography does more than traditional studio photography.

If your objective is to capture images of your corporate location, corporate or social event, or if your focus is of a more personal nature, AnthonyGarvinArt is the right choice.

Our objective is to capture the unique characteristics of the environment, key players of the event, or that element of your corporation which sets you apart. When your focus is closer to personal, then look to us for headshots,


portraits, group and family portraits, digital photo retouching, digital printing, heritage studies, nature studies (including macro work) and small weddings.

So, you may select images from our original stock category, or commission a shoot which reflects your corporate culture or personal taste. Even with photography, yours can be a visual statement which illustrates clearly your business intent or creative direction.


How It Happens:

  • To choose from our selection of stock originals, click here.
  • To commission a photo shoot by AnthonyGarvinArt (may be as low as $400.00, ranging upward, based upon the scale and complexity of the work), click here
So, when you want to create impact or give a gift which will be unlike any other, step beyond the crowd. Contact AnthonyGarvinArt 770-469-9181.

Business Services - Fine Art

Stepping beyond the crowd.
More people are choosing Anthony Garvin's Impact Images as the alternative to simply framing or reframing their prints so that they appear differently than they do in the homes of friends and acquaintances.

Such clients are instead selecting images from our "Originals" category. But they are also increasingly commissioning their own Impact Image from AnthonyGarvinArt. For this reason, yours can be a visual statement which directly reflects your creativity and direction. In other words, it is your Impact Image, rather than the


frame, which makes the statement.

Acquaintances are usually very impressed to discover that your piece of art is more than a selection from a catalog. Instead, it is the result of collaboration with a skilled professional who works at your direction.

Our website is new, so watch the range of samples grow.

For more than 30 years Anthony Garvin has created original Impact Images on a commission basis. His works are in private collections across the nation and include the full range of classic and non-traditional modern styles of sketches, portraits, landscapes, studies, and conceptual and archetypal explorations. Impact Images are created by hand in various media, created entirely electronically, or by combining the various approaches.


How It Happens

  • As is the case with the old and the modern masters, your commission of AnthonyGarvinArt begins with an open discussion of what impact you want the image to have on you and other viewers.
  • To choose from our selection of existing originals, click here.
  • To commission AnthonyGarvinArt (may be as low as $150.00, ranging upward based upon the scale and complexity of the work), click here
So, when you want to create impact or give a gift which will be unlike any other, step beyond the crowd. Contact AnthonyGarvinArt 770-469-9181 or

Business Services - Commercial Design

Your Company's Image
Answering the call of customers today begins even before you are aware of their specific needs. It begins with letting your targets know that you are there, and that yours is always a value added proposition that they literally cannot afford to miss.

That value-added proposition is that you can impact either of the two basic business needs; (1) increased revenues or (2) reduced costs. A clear definition of the desired impact of any collateral, tri or bi-fold, web page, logo, illustration, or photo, is essential because each


of these components supports the customer's ultimate call to action.

AnthonyGarvinArt translates your aspirations into Impact Images so that you create lasting positive impressions and highlight your competitive edge. (Click here for commercial art/design gallery).

We begin by asking:

  • What is the first and enduring impression you'd want to make on your prospective clients?
  • How would you describe your competitive advantages to prospective clients (why should a client select you above all the others)?
  • What recognitions or awards has your company received that demonstrate its achievements / successes?
  • What will it take to take Your Company Inc. to the top, and keep it there?
Your company's clients expect high quality, cost efficient products delivered on time and within budget. Our Impact Images help demonstrate your ability to deliver on key business needs based on the following customer expectations:
  • What do your clients need to know about you in order to incorporate you into their customer supplier chain?
  • What tools and key processes do you employ that enable success?
  • What things (sites, examples, cases studies, metrics, demonstrations, and products) do you most often show your clients which demonstrate your company's ability to deliver?
The answers to these questions are the basis for development of collaterals, tri or bi-folds, web pages, logos, illustrations, display banners, cover designs and book design, or photos. So when you want to create impact, step beyond the crowd and contact AnthonyGarvinArt.


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