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AnthonyGarvinArt is the culmination of several years of commercial art / illustration and fine art commissions. He has produced set designs and illustrations for affiliates of CBS, NBC, and ABC Television Networks. He has also served as staff artist for several ad agencies on the west coast. As a freelance artist, he has produced ad art for Levi Strauss, Sunkist, Weyerhaeuser, and Northern and Southern California retailers' associations.

Anthony's fine art is known for its dramatic and enduring impact on the viewer and is held in private collections across the nation.

His work continues to span virtually all media and fully embraces purely handcrafted media. Yet he also is facile with digital image creation. His use of digital photography and occasional use of state-of-the-art digital tools in the creation of his images is equally appealing.

Reacting to demand for images which are more personally dynamic and unique than the prints commonly sold at parties, Anthony observes that one of his objectives is to expand the exclusivity of "commissioning" beyond the realm of the elite. He is achieving this and rapidly generating a following while maintaining high standards of quality in the commissioned work.

Stone Mountain, GA
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